Hey look, I updated my website 12 years later!

April 19, 2020

Longtime readers of JeffCarl.com (me) are no doubt aware that I promised a much overdue overhaul of my website after I last updated it in 2008. That did not happen.

So the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, aside from the horrible toll it has taken on lives and economies around the globe, provided me with the impetus to take a website built on 22-year-old handwritten HTML and Perl code, read by quite literally nobody except search engine crawlers and people looking for other people named Jeffrey Carl, and give it the update that was so sorely unneeded. Well, you’re welcome, people.

I realized that the aforementioned 20+ year old HTML code was terribly outdated and not exactly Responsive Web Design (I don’t care what you say, <BLINK> is coming back). And it turns out that my 15-year-old copy of Adobe Dreamweaver hasn’t been compatible with my computer for about 13 years. So I joined the herd and installed WordPress, which like Linux is free if your time has no value. (It doesn’t!)

So after spending four hours over the weekend wrangling my old server into shape and installing WordPress (true fact: I still can’t get Postfix to work despite more than 2,000,000 web hits on the Internet about how to fix it!) here we go. And instead of doing something sensible like converting all my old content to WP first, I decided to just turn a completely blank WP site live in production on the Internet and you get to watch me slowly add the content back to it! FOR FREE. Again, you’re welcome, people.

So watch (really, don’t!) over the next several weeks or months (depending on how pandemic recovery goes) as all the great stuff from JeffCarl.com (none) gets updated, upgraded and recycled for the 2020s. And I’ll even write exciting new stuff on my Internets home site for the first time in nearly two decades! Or I won’t! Either way, you don’t have to care.

Check back soon for more updates! Or don’t! And if you have half as much fun reading this site as I have writing it, then I’ve had twice as much fun as you.