About Jeff Carl Dot Com

First launched in 1998, Jeff Carl Dot Com is the Internet’s premier resource for people who are me. Pretty much anyone else will be uninterested.

Jeffrey Carl @ The Sorting Hat
They said I was a Ravenclaw, which is bulls**t.

In 1999, it received a Webby award for “best site about Jeff Carl” which I paid for. You could do that back then, when you had to pay Yahoo! to index your site! Seriously! In 2000, JeffCarl.com was hailed by Wired Magazine as “deconstructivist humor for the coming post-millennial, convergence age.” In 2001, JeffCarl.com turned down separate million-dollar plus buyout offers from Angelfire and Lycos to stay independent and true to its rabid fanbase, known as “netizens.” None of the above is true except the part about having to pay Yahoo! to index your website.

Jeffrey Carl lives in the Seattle area. He works for The Phone Company, supports the Seattle Children’s Museum, runs Ragnar Relay races occasionally, loves his family and hates the New England Patriots. He also refers to himself in the third person, which makes him a pretentious jerk. Contact him at jeffrey carl at sign (ignore spaces) gmail dot com.